Oh hey there!

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out our work! Our names are Michele and Shannon, and we are photographers in the Philadelphia area who specialize in creating engaging content for women & baby focused  brands! We are natural light photographers, and we would describe our work as honest, strong, natural, and free-spirited. Before we hit ya with too many words, check out some photos of our recent work.....

Ok ok, back to business.  For starters, let's touch on some basic info!

Why is it important to have cohesive, styled brand imagery?
These are the visuals that your audience will associate with your brand! You can have an AMAZING product, but if what you're putting out there on the internet and in your marketing materials is lackluster or doesn't emphasize the brand's vision, it won't matter how good your product is! By creating cohesive, styled brand imagery, a brand can create visual value for its product/services, engage the brand's ideal client, and ultimately inspire brand loyalty and recognition!


What makes us different?
For starters, what we offer isn't typical "commercial photography." We focus on a creative approach to brand imagery that emphasizes the vibes of your specific brand! Forget the stiff stock photos, and the awkward looking catalog shots -- we like to naturally incorporate products into styled settings and creative shoots to make your product relatable and enticing to your target audience!
Another thing that makes us special, is we work primarily with women and baby focused brands. We both not only have a background in marketing, but have also built our careers to cater to women/families specifically, so we have have a very strong understanding of how to speak to women, especially mothers, through visuals. We understand what women relate to, and what makes a woman emotionally connect with a brand!


Who are some of our past clients?
We have worked with all kinds of brands, big and small! Here are a few brands that we have loved working with over the past couple years:
Dock A Tot
Johnson & Johnson
Panera Bread
Covered Goods
Bahama Breeze
Tetley Tea
Mead Johnson
Arm & Hammer
Frito Lay


What's next?!
Let's do this thaaaaang! Click the button below to fill out our quick Brand Imagery Questionnaire!!