Christine // Philadelphia Natural Boudoir Photography

I guess I should start by addressing ..... I have a new website (YAY FINALLY!!!) ... and with that, yes, a whole new blog. I know I know -- another new blog?! Yep. Looks like I'm starting from scratch AGAIN. But hey, whatever. Bigger problems in the world, right?

So, if I'm going to be starting over in the blogiverse, I might as well start with something AWESOME, huh? So yepppp, I'm going to do exactly that! 

I recently had an incredibly humbling opportunity to spend a day sharing knowledge with a fellow photographer (and past client!) Tawanda Faye. Part of what she wanted to learn from me was about beauty/boudoir sessions (my faaaav, duh) -- so I really wanted to make the most of the opportunity, starting with our model. Where to begin..... Our model, Christine, is not only out-of-this-world beautiful, but is one of the strongest, most genuinely kind people out there. She has been through hell and back over the past year, and I couldn't think of anyone more deserving of an afternoon of #TREATYOSELF than her. I really wanted to take this opportunity to not only teach about shooting these kinds of sessions -- angles/tricks/etc, but really to emphasize the impact it can have on someone -- WHY it is important to do this. How it's not about "being sexy" but actually about seeing yourself in a new light. The magic of giving that gift to someone. How to make it a comfortable experience, promote confidence, and have your client leave with a whole new appreciation for themselves, all while being subtle and having fun (at least, I really hope that's what the takeaways were!).

With a forecast of rain allllllll day, my beautiful friend Cheyenne was generous enough to lend us her studio for the session. We laughed and learned and all around had an awesome afternoon. I really loved the opportunity to share my point of view and mentor someone with such talent!

But, enough talking, here are some of my favorites from the session......