My 7 Favorite Small Businesses to Support This Holiday!

I know I say all the time, but I am SO lucky to be surrounded by such creative, talented, passionate people. I have some incredibly talented friends and clients. So, in honor of Small Business Saturday, I want to take a second to share just a few small businesses with you to help you shop small this holiday season, and give right back to your community!

The Art of Kate Transue

First up, one of my closest friends, Kate, is an aaaaah-mazing artist. She does all kinds of custom work, hand-painted ornaments, ink illustrations, etc. If you're looking for something really special for someone you love, she is your gal. One of her most popular items around the holidays is customized hand painted ornaments, on wood slabs -- she can pretty much do anything. Send her a message and get your order in asap!!

PROMO: Until 11/28/16.....
Take 20% off any order over $150 with code "holiday20"
Take 30% off any order over $100 with code "holiday30"
And with your order you will receive a special coupon for future orders!

Daisy Natives

For the magical babezilla in your life. When I was in Austin over the summer, I had the pleasure of shooting a lookbook for Daisy Natives, and drooling over all of her whimsical shirts in person. I would make some recommendations for you, but I literally have every single one on my wishlist, so..... maybe check them out for yourself.

PROMO: Everything in her shop is on sale, no code needed, until 11/27/16!

Humble Home

Ok ok I'm slightly biased, because this is my husband. But..... come on..... who doesn't love a unique planter, or desk accessory, or a one-of-a-kind wooden necklace? My personal favorite is the little memory mountains to hold polaroids or other little photos/place cards. He takes custom orders, but get the in asap if you want them in time for the holiday!!

PROMO: 10% off with code SBS10 until 11/27/16


My dear friend Liz, who is to blame for my essential oil obsession, has her own brand of custom essential oil blends for pretty much any need you can fathom. She is mostly doing custom orders, so you can literally email her and tell her your problems, and she will make custom blends for you. Or you can email her and tell her a little bit about your friend who you're shopping for, and she'll help you customize the perfect gift! And it all not only smells amazing, but really helps with all kinds of problems. My fave is her roll-on blend called "Woman" which is one of the only things that helps my cramps, and also her face mists are amazeballs!

Plenty of Yellow

Allison made the cutest sign with our wedding date as a wedding gift for us, and I've been obsessed with following her new creations ever since! The perfect gift for that quirky/sassy friend who loves one-of-a-kind decor. She takes custom orders, so shoot her a message through her website if you have something special in mind!!

PROMO: 20% off with code BLK2016 until 11/27/16

Wildflower Valley

Wildflower Valley just launched earlier this month, and carries all ethically-sourced, fair-trade, made in the USA items! From jewelry, to clothing, to bath + body items, she pretty much has everything. Allie was a friend from way back when, and now is one of my brides -- so help support her in this new venture of hers!! I shot a bunch of her products in the studio, and they all smell SOOO good, you really can't go wrong.

PROMO: Use code "TISTHESEASON" for 10% off and free shipping on all orders!

Winifred + Bramble

This is another one by my good friend Kate, who somehow has time to make crazy good art, awesome jewelry, and be a full time librarian, WTF? (I have a theory that she has Hermione's time turner). If you like quirky jewelry, this is for you. All of it is super affordable and perfect for gifting! A personal fave of mine is the ceramic animal necklaces..... I mean, look at that platypus, LOL.

PROMO: Until 11/18/16......
Take 25% off any order over $50 with code "holiday25"
Take 30% off any order over $75 with code "holiday"

Don't forget about me!!!

Oh hey, hi, hello, it's me again...... I also have something to offer this holiday season (hoorah!). If you haven't already seen me ranting on social media, check out my 2017 Body Positive calendar I just released yesterday, featuring inspirational words (and modeling) by Dana Falsetti. This is the perfect gift for your feminist friend who is sick of living by society's standards of what is "beautiful," and also appreciates art. Also, you can shop happy knowing the proceeds are going towards to the National Eating Disorder Association, and the creation of more body positive art :)

Ok ok, so technically you got 8 recommendations if you count my calendar ;) But anyway, I hope these suggestions gave you some ideas and inspiration for the holidays, and hopefully you found a gift for someone special while browsing through here! Now, get out there and support a small business!!