“I want to live and love recklessly. Fly higher, drive faster, feel too deeply and act on things in spite of fear. I want to be out of control, laugh to no end, meet more strange people, make memories when I’m least expecting it, settle less, and see things that are beautiful and unusual. Taste new foods, and fall in love with as many things and people as possible. I want to learn, and I want to question things more. Because, my god, our time to live is limited, and I swear, good enough never is.”

-J. Raymond




I love aimless wandering, pizza, traveling, flea markets and vintage shops, napping in the car, narwhals, essential oils, Wes Anderson films, snacks of all sorts (I don’t discriminate), being near the water but not in the water, ugly colors like mustard yellow, cold weather clothes, teas & coffee,  burritos & tequila (I probably should’ve started with this), bonfires, sarcasm, lip syncing & awkward dance moves (again, probably should be a lot higher on the list), Halloween, plants (the less maintenance, the better), and 30 Rock.

One time someone described my style of photography as "like a warm, sun-drenched memory," and that has really stuck with me. I thrive with light, texture, and spontaneity. My favorite things to capture are the moments that you wouldn't have remembered if there wasn't a photo to remind you, the things you didn't even realize happened, and the times the light hit you in the perfect way and you had no idea at all. 

 Photo by Kim Martin

Photo by Kim Martin





 I love bubble baths, making other people smile, noticing little things, dancing, playing, laughing, good food and better people. I enjoy bonfires and building things, the smell of hyacinth and diesel fuel (seperately, of course). I love my family endlessly. I love my friends like they were my family. I am silly. I love movies and perfectly timed hugs. I give nicknames to people. I love listening to stories and I like imagining the stories that hide behind someone's eyes. 

I like to capture the tiny, candid,  meaningful moments. My favorite sessions are in the outdoors, making use of nature, golden light, and a warm breeze.